Fujiya Salon de Look Creme Brûlée

Another member of Fujiya‘s Salon de Look range that channel desserts into delicious bite-sized chocolates are these, the Creme Brûlée flavoured chocolates. They definitely do the job very well, capturing the flavour of a creme brûlée in delicious milk chocolate. I have a personal preference for the mint sorbet flavour, but these are pretty awesome too!


Fujiya Country Ma’am Bake Shop Almond Brownie

Fujiya‘s Country Ma’am chocolate chip cookies are all over the place, reliably found in supermarkets, drug stores and convenience stores alike. Their Bake Shop range is a little less ubiquitous, but still apparently a regular product and these Almond Brownie cookies are a key part of it. If you’re very particular about your brownies, you might find them wanting. You’re not going to be fooled for a second into thinking they’re freshly baked. If you’re just after a chocolate cookie-ish snack without wanting to spend a lot of money, though, then these are just fine. The chocolate taste is strong and pleasant, the texture is not dissimilar to other Country Ma’am cookies and the slivers of almond accent the little things nicely.

Lotte Crunky Refreshing Vanilla

Early this summer, these Crunky Refreshing Vanilla Ice Cream chocolates from Lotte started appearing on the shelves. I can’t say they really appealed to me, but they’re still hanging around so I figure that some people must be enjoying them and I’d thus better give them a try. For this blog! For posterity!

It turned out to be a win for my judgement in that, indeed, they just don’t do it for me. They are white chocolate, with a few signature rice crisp Crunky pieces within, that taste very richly of Lotte’s Refreshing Vanilla ice cream. In fact, it’s a very strong, accurate reflection of how that ice cream tastes. I like normal Crunky bars and I quite enjoy the ice cream itself, but I guess I’m getting more from the chill of it and the texture than I’d realized. I personally didn’t like the translation of it to chocolate, but I can see (sort of) how some people might. Try at your own risk!

Kasugai Flake and Nuts Chocolate

Japan has a somewhat odd way of using cornflakes as sweets. While I know it’s done elsewhere, aren’t the cornflakes used more as a base? Here, when they’re used, it’s as a core flavour, such as in Kasugai‘s Flake and Nuts chocolate. They are milk chocolates with crushed nuts and cornflakes throughout. Despite feeling it’s a bit of an odd choice of filling, they’re actually pretty nice! I definitely found myself going back for more!



Fujiya PekoxSanrio Characters Party Chocolate

Peko-chan is the mascot of Fujiya, regularly appearing on the various Fujiya products and with life-sized versions of her sitting outside Fujiya cake shops. She’s… well, she’s alright, and my two year old son adores her, anyway. Here, she has been teamed up with a bunch of old-school Sanrio characters. I’m not quite sure who the target market is for these “kawaii 80s” themed chocolates, whether it’s kids of today or those looking for a bit of nostalgia. Either way, they do work, because they’re quite pleasant chocolates, mildly sweet white chocolate topping a lower milk chocolate half. The detailed pictures on the chocolates are quite impressive too! A good treat if you’re looking for a bit of nostalgic fun.


Meji Lemon Marble Chocolate

Another lemon flavoured chocolate bar has appeared! This time, it’s Meiji‘s Lemon Marble Chocolate, a box of individually wrapped rectangular chocolates made of marbled lemon chocolate and milk chocolate. They look pretty and they taste better! Here’s to hoping this lemon chocolate trend continues!

Tokusawaen Yarigatake Chocolate Cookie

Some of the adults to whom I teach English conversation travel a lot, and they bring their classmates – and me! – delicious souvenirs to sample. One of them visited Mt Yarigatake in the northern Japanese alps and brought back these cookies as souvenirs. They seem to be specially produced on behalf of Tokusawa-en, a hotel in the area, and they are designed to look like a small, cute, edible version of Mt Yarigatake. The texture is lovely and they are not all that sweet; instead, the cocoa is the dominant flavour and it’s very strong, almost surprisingly so. I’m not sure that I would buy them again myself (not least because I have zero travel plans) but they were fun to try!