Tirol Premium Gateau Chocolate

Tirol‘s whole selling point is the surprising amount of flavour they can pack into a tiny square of chocolate, and the Premium Gateau Chocolate is a pretty good example of this – in fact, you could even say it takes the cake, because I like puns. It’s a dark chocolate square that channels a slice of dense chocolate cake. The filling is rich and spongy, and brings to mind exactly that, or perhaps a brownie, and the cocoa flavour is rich and intense. If you’re after a chocolate hit and looking for something small and cheap yet satisfying, then this is an excellent place to get it.


Mister Donut Winter Snowman White

Mister Donut‘s Christmas range this year is fairly modest compared to what they usually do, at least at first glance. The big special doughnuts of the moment are their Pikachu and Pokeball doughnuts, and I am not exaggerating when I say that there is something of a frenzy over those. The result is that the likes of this snowman doughnut here aren’t getting a huge amount of attention. This is a pity, because while it’s simple enough to look it, it’s still cute! It’s also really nice, the doughnut’s dough being on the less sweet side in order to let the white chocolate icing shine without overpowering you.

Morinaga Dars Premium Milk

It’s yet another box of Dars chocolates, yes! This one is Dars Premium Milk. Instead of being their regular but delicious milk chocolate squares, the centers of these are softer and more flowing, possibly due to the use of a tiny amount of alcohol. It’s nice enough, and the box is certainly very snazzy!

Starbucks Black Cocoa and White Marshmallow Cookie

Maybe a couple of months ago, Black Cocoa and White Marshmallow cookies started appearing in Starbucks around here. What with them being cookies, chocolate-flavoured, and at Starbucks, I have naturally tried them. The flavours work really well together, the rich, almost bitter cocoa, the mild marshmallows, and the chips of sweet white chocolate matching each other nicely. Importantly, especially in this season, it’s also one of the cheaper items on the Starbucks menu!

(N.B. The drink pictured is one of the autumn frappuccinos that was most enjoyable but has, unfortunately, been cleared aside for the admittedly interesting Christmas collection)

Nestle KitKat Akiguri

If you like chestnut (or chestnut sweets, anyway), you also like KitKats, and imagine combining them is a good idea, then this autumn treat could be the one for you. The box contains three mini KitKats in “autumn chestnut” (i.e. Aki guri). The white chocolate coating is mild and infused with chestnut while the inside is a typical KitKat wafer. It’s pretty nice, all in all, a unique Japanese KitKat that’s different without being really out there. With autumn rapidly coming to an end, though, I’d suggest getting one quickly!

Tully’s Choco Fashion Doughnut

As autumn starts to fade into winter, the chocolate products have definitely become prominent in Japanese cafes once more. One example is Tully‘s Choco Fashion Doughnut, a variation on their regular “old-fashioned” doughnut, the Weekend Citron Doughnut. This one, though, is cocoa flavored and has icing instead of the usual sugar glaze. It’s not outstandingly unique, but it is nice and well worth looking into!

Bourbon Jaga Choco

It’s not exactly everyday I fancy some chocolate-covered potato chips. I don’t tend to mix my snacks that much anyway, and I’m not that into mixing sweet and savory, ever. But I saw these Bourbon Jaga Choco – a bit of wordplay based on jyagaimo, the Japanese word for potato – and suddenly felt the urge to have them. They’re actually really nice. The usual saltiness of the chips has been downplayed and the potato/chocolate flavor mix works quite well. Chocolate-covered potato chips seem to be around a bit more at the moment, probably a winter thing, and I’ll be on the lookout for either these or something else – Chip Star’s big Crunky coating version, for example – next time the craving hits.