Fujiya x YBC Chipstar Chocolate

Over the winter, there was a big collaboration between Fujiya and YBC, or Yamazaki Biscuits, a snack maker known especially for their Chip Star potato chips. All the convenience stores around here seemed to featuring their special product – chocolate-covered Chip Star potato chips. I kept meaning to try them but as I’ve mentioned in the past, chocolate-coated chips aren’t actually something I feel like that often and the Fujiya/YBC ones were a bit expensive for what they were. So I missed that one, I’m afraid. I didn’t miss their latest combined effort variation, though, and that’s these little chip-fleck coated chocolates. They’re… well, they’re ok. They’re interesting, at least, the chocolate crunchy and decidedly salty. The problem is the potato chip side is a bit too strong, overpowering the chocolate. I wouldn’t say no if they were offered to me, but I don’t know that I’d buy them again either.


Meiji Macadamia Caramel

A perennially popular chocolate here is Meiji‘s Macadamia, elegant boxes of dome-shapes chocolates with full macadamia nuts within. The original is delicious and there’s no need for them to mess with their winning formula. It doesn’t always work out for them, after all. In this case, though, I think they’re into something. The addition of caramel to the mix plus a use of a milder “blonde” chocolate actually works really well, the combination of flavors complementing each other very nicely. I expect that this is yet another limited edition, destined to eventually disappear from the shelves, but I’m finding them a little bit addictive in the meantime!

Tirol Florentins

One of Tirol‘s latest attempts to compress a full-sized snack into a bite-size piece of chocolate has resulted in this, the Florentins. It seems to be trying to channel the flavor and texture of Florentine biscuits, and it definitely succeeds. In fact, it succeeds very, very well. With a chocolate base, it is infused with the flavor of slightly bitter caramel and filled with tiny flecks of nut. Its delicious and the texture is perfect, capturing the essence of florentines while still having a smooth chocolate feel too. It’s the sort of Tirol chocolate that is just plain clever, really, and I will enjoy them as long as they last!

Fujiya Look WBerry

With Valentine’s Day out of the way, things are taking a decidedly spring-themed turn hereabouts and Fujiya has released this pretty new chocolate flavor that goes with it. The Look WBerry box has two different flavors, as is typical for the Look range. One of those, wrapped in shiny pink wrappers, is strawberry. It’s very nice, but there are so many strawberry chocolates around that it wouldn’t really stand out from the crowd if it weren’t for its companion, the blue-wrapped blueberry chocolates. It’s currently a bit of a rare flavour, but it’s also very nice and, to my mind, it’s what makes the WBerry worth checking out!

Tully’s Macaron Pistachio Mocha

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate the occasion, this is the Macaron Pistachio Mocha from Tully’s. It’s not only cute, but also delicious. The macaron heart is strawberry-flavoured and has a nice crunch to it, the mocha is good as always, and the pistachio cream actually tastes quite pleasant as well as offering a gorgeous colour contrast. If it’s still available after I’ve posted this, I highly recommend it!

Meiji Galbo Soy Milk and Kinako

Meiji have released a new flavour of Galbo, their chocolate-covered soft biscuit treats. This one is exactly what it says it is, soy milk combined with kinako, roasted soybean flour, and it infuses the white chocolate coating. I can imagine how this could have not worked, but fortunately, that’s as far as it goes. These are actually really nice. I can’t honestly say how the soy milk impacts things, but the kinako offsets the sweetness of the chocolate and the nature of it means you don’t have to battle through the inevitable powdery texture of kinako. They might stretch the definition of chocolate a bit, but they do it deliciously!

Lotte Ghana Raw Chocolate Tiramisu

Lotte has once again decided to expand on their Ghana range, this time opting to use “raw” chocolate and mix it with a creamy, coffee-imbued filling to make a tiramisu-ish flavour. I’m not sure how well they accomplish this. I liked it, but I wouldn’t necessarily have realised it was meant to be tiramisu without the box clearly spelling it out for me. The texture is nice and the flavour is enjoyable, though, even if there seemed to be a slight alcohol note in there? Not bad, but not quite what I was expecting either.