Glico Pocky Double Chocolate and Raspberry

I am sometimes surprised at myself that I don’t pick up Glico‘s Pocky more often. The famous chocolate-dipped biscuit sticks are certainly delicious, and combine two of my favourite food phenomenons (biscuits and chocolate). I guess I tend to like having both biscuits and chocolates, as two, separate, marvelous treats. I am very glad that these chocolate/raspberry ones piqued my curiosity, though, because they are very, very nice. The chocolate and the raspberry are both rich, bold flavours but neither overpowers the other. Instead, they work together perfectly and the result is a kind of addictive snack! While the texture is quite different and there’s no coconut to speak of, they reminded me a little of Cherry Ripes in my home country and that is definitely a big compliment! In very sad news, the line is set to be discontinued, so grab them while you can!


Fujiya Look Good Taste of Autumn


I do some writing for City-Cost, a blog hosting site somehow related to Kyodo News for expats in Japan to write about their experiences, and I wrote a review of Fujiya Look’s newest chocolate, Aki no Umaimon Hitorijime (the good taste of autumn) here. You may have noticed that my blogs about chocolates here tend to be pretty short, and that’s because I typically don’t have that much to say! In this case, though, three flavours and the general autumn flavour range context gave me plenty to say, and hence the longer review. Go have a look if you’re curious!

Morinaga Dars Gold Kiwi

It seems that Morinaga‘s Dars have kept going with their fruit theme into autumn and this time, they’ve gone with… kiwi fruit?! It’s not exactly a typical chocolate flavour, but the new Gold Kiwi flavour was definitely interesting enough to try. I’m not quite as enamored with it as I am/was with their Setouchi lemon and I’m not sure about the odd seed texture they’ve decided to include in the filling. As someone who – of course – has eaten kiwi fruit, sure, I can see where they were coming from, I’m just not sure it’s necessary. Still, it’s quite delicious and definitely worth a try, if only because it’s not a chocolate flavour you encounter everyday!

7-11 Choco & Minty Cake

Elsewhere in the world, buying fresh meals and desserts from a convenience store might be a terrible idea. Not so in Japan! Here, you can get all manner of food at the convenience stores and it’s safe, very convenient and often genuinely delicious! Thus, I’ll finish off the official summer posts with the big hit flavour of summer 2017, chocolate mint, and this outstanding little dessert from the 7-11. The Choco & Minty Cake is delicious, soft and fluffy with a definite but delicate mint flavour. It’s just the way I like chocolate mint, and I recommend snaring one of these ASAP!

Meiji Macadamia Fuwari Hojicha

Meiji‘s delicious chocolate-covered Macadamia are a pretty common sight in confectionary aisles across the country. Sometimes, they get a little experimental and thus we’ve ended up with these. Instead of being coated in milk chocolate, the macademia nuts are coated in hojicha-flavored white chocolate. Hojicha is roasted green tea, an earthier, richer variety of other green tea flavorings and quite popular in recent seasons. I thought this sounded like a promising combination but I was a bit disappointed by how overpowering the hojicha was, quite different to the more subtle drink itself. While it wasn’t my thing, I can how green tea/matcha lovers might enjoy it.

TopValu Green Ai Organic and Fair Trade Milk Chocolate

If you live in Japan, it can sometimes feel like Aeon supermarkets are launching a world takeover. A lot of other supermarkets and brands have come under their umbrella in recent years, like it or not. However, they do sometimes use their power for good as well, and they offer an honestly quite impressive range of organic and/or fair trade goods in the Green Ai section of their TopValu range. This chocolate is both organic and fair trade, and since I like to make more ethical choices with my vices when I get the chance, I jumped at the chance to buy this. It turns out it’s pretty delicious too, albeit in a different way to other milk chocolate. It’s earthier, I think, and less glossy. Do try it if you can!