Bourbon Jaga Choco

It’s not exactly everyday I fancy some chocolate-covered potato chips. I don’t tend to mix my snacks that much anyway, and I’m not that into mixing sweet and savory, ever. But I saw these Bourbon Jaga Choco – a bit of wordplay based on jyagaimo, the Japanese word for potato – and suddenly felt the urge to have them. They’re actually really nice. The usual saltiness of the chips has been downplayed and the potato/chocolate flavor mix works quite well. Chocolate-covered potato chips seem to be around a bit more at the moment, probably a winter thing, and I’ll be on the lookout for either these or something else – Chip Star’s big Crunky coating version, for example – next time the craving hits.


Yaokin Bon O Bon Cream

The Bon O Bons are back! As of October, one of my favourite cheap chocolates once again started appearing in convenience stores. Looking a little festive, the Bon O Bons should be around until March or April and, in the meantime, they will be consumed. I’ve only been able to find the Choco and the Cream varieties this year so far, the latter being pictured above. It’s a milk chocolate-covered ball with a soft cream filling inside a light shell. As you might be gathering, I am a huge fan and the creaminess works so well that I actually prefer it (slightly!) to the Choco version… though I often end up opting for both!

Morinaga Dars Raspberry Chocolate

The next step on Dars‘ fabulous fruity chocolate journey (which I have talked about here and here) is raspberry, it seems. This is a choice of which I highly approve and it’s as delicious as I could have hoped for. The raspberry flavor is just the right mix of sweet and tart, and it works very nicely with the dark chocolate. Even the box is lovely! I think this might be a revisiting of the flavour rather than a truly new one, but here’s hoping it sticks around!

Ken’s Cafe Chocolate Tart

I have never been to Ken’s Cafe Tokyo, though I’m sure it is a magnificent place. Fortunately for me, these chocolate tarts of his have returned to my local FamilyMart convenience stores once more as the cooler months really kick in. They are fabulous, especially given their cheap price, a simple pastry holding a delicious chocolate filling with some simple caramel sauce at the bottom to enhance the flavor. I plan on getting them whenever I reasonably can!

Meiji Macadamia Patisserie

Meiji‘s Chocolate Macadamias are pretty great in and of themselves, both delicious and beautifully presented in their (admittedly over wrapped) boxes. The Macadamia Patisserie is another variation on the original. With a biscuit-ish base and slightly soft chocolate filling, I’m happy to say it’s a delicious one, similar enough to the original but interesting enough to be worth trying. There’s only six in each box, so it’s not one I’d buy that often, but it’s good for an occasional treat for however long they’re around!

Starbucks Halloween Princess Frappuccino

There were a lot of surprises with this. First was the fact I ended up making it to a Starbucks again before Halloween after all. That was as much to do with Starbucks’ wifi and me going over my phone’s data limit for the month as anything else. The second surprise was how good the Halloween Princess turned out to be. Not only is it very pretty to look at, but it turned out to be delicious too, smooth and creamy. As promised, it was sweet and the apple taste was mild and texturally pleasant. The final surprise is that I can only conclude that this one is actually better than the Halloween Witch, which is outright shocking to me. I’m kind of a chocolate and coffee fiend, after all. But the Princess just worked that bit better, in my humble opinion, and if you’re looking for a fun treat and you’re in Japan during the next twenty four hours, I recommend it!

Starbucks Halloween Witch Frappuccino

This year, Starbucks Japan’s big Halloween theme has centred on the release of “opposing” frappucino flavors, the Halloween Witch and the Halloween Princess. While both flavors are coffee-based with pieces of sweet apple, the Princess is white chocolate and, as far as I can gather, milkier. The Halloween Witch, which I have tried, has more of a dark chocolate thing going on along with wicked red raspberry sauce. It was pretty nice as a one-off treat and it left me curious enough to try thePrincess, if I can get to a Starbucks again before Halloween. Time is running out, alas; the ideal thing to do would be to do as the two high school boys I followed in did and take a friend, buy one each and swap.

(Sorry for being away this past fortnight. Just a combination of busy, sick and tired and all of them exacerbating each other).