Raspberry Chiffon Cake – Starbucks

It’s always tempting to just opt for my usual preferred sweets at a Starbucks, sugar donuts or chocolate chunk scones/cookies. I decided to try something slightly different, though, and went for this simple yet pretty raspberry chiffon cake. Despite the light pink of the icing, the raspberry flavour principally comes from the slash of dark pink sauce. It’s not the strongest of flavours, but that’s probably for the best, working well with whatever beverage is being consumed, and it’s still quite nice!


Tohato Harvest Fruit Sandwich Biscuit

I am quite a fan of Japanese raisin cream cookies. Nothing beats the fresh ones made up in Hokkaido, but cheaper and more readily available packaged versions are still nice too!

I found these in the local supermarket and they turned out to be quite delicious! Two thin biscuits are sprinkled with sugar and held together with puffs of “butter” cream. Small raisins are littered in there as well. They’re not the greatest sweet I’ve ever eaten, no, but they’re still pretty nice for what they are!

Matcha Old-Fashioned Donut – Mister Donut

Right now, Mister Donut is having a collaboration with a fancy green tea maker from Kyoto, Gion Tsujiri (you can read more about it here). I’m actually not the hugest fan of matcha as a flavour. It’s ok but nothing that special. I almost didn’t bother with the campaign because, if I’m going to guiltily indulge in a donut, I’ll go for one I’m more likely to really enjoy.  But I did and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The donut was baked brilliantly, soft yet chewy, and the matcha part was really nice, sweeter than other matcha offerings I’ve tried. If you like matcha because of the bitter aftertaste, you might not enjoy this donut. If you could quite happily live without that bitterness, though, or are just looking for an introduction to the flavor in your baked goods, then I definitely recommend this!

Easter Chick Egg Tart

Easter isn’t celebrated to any great extent in Japan. In recent years, though, the decorating potential of the occasion, at least, has started to be recognized and otherwise normal packs of snacks are currently emblazoned with bunnies and colorful eggs. 

I found this little guy/treat at Belx, one of the supermarkets I visit and it was delicious as well as adorable. The egg tart is lovely in itself but sweeter than usual with some caramel sauce splashed over it, while the chick is made of sweet cream with chocolate decorations for its beak and eyes.

Glico Bitte – Ivory Chocolate

If you are familiar with Arnott’s Tim Tams in Australia (and if you’re not, you should be), you could be forgiven for thinking that Glico‘s Bitte cookies look just like them. There are a couple of noticeable differences, though. The size and the packaging are two ways they differ, but the most significant is the taste. Bitte are much less sweet, and are marketed accordingly, focusing on “adult” tastes and how perfect a match they are for your (presumably bitter) coffee.

I quite like regular chocolate Bitte (though not as much as the aforementioned Tim Tams), but these Ivory Chocolate ones are particularly delicious. The white chocolate coating from which I imagine the name is derived is more creamy than sweet and infused with some sort of almond flavouring that tastes more of caramel than nuts. Inside, a buttery biscuit and a creamy paste add very nicely and the overall flavour is very enjoyable.

You can enjoy these with your coffee if you want, as Glico repeatedly recommend, or you could just scoff the lot quietly while nobody is watching. Hey, your 1 and a half year old son wanted the box anyway. Go for it!

(It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? There’s no particular reason I haven’t been here. I suppose I’ve just been focusing on other things. I’ll make an effort to update this blog a bit more often!)

Fujiya Look Sweet Potato and Chestnut & Nectar

One of Fujiya’s Look releases for Autumn is this, Sweet Potato and Chestnut and Nectar. As the name says, it features two quintessential Autumn flavours in Japan, sweet potato and chestnut, each encased in creamy milk chocolate. The chestnut is lovely and while I like sweet potato as a potato, I’m still not sold on it as a chocolate flavour. Still, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous but looking for something normal to act as a countermeasure (or compensation, if you’re similarly not taken with potatoes as chocolate), then this is worth a shot!