Bandai Chocorei Tou no Moai

Japan collectively has something of a thing for the mysterious Moai heads on Easter Island. They tend to crop up as a motif in all sorts of places over here and, in this case, they’re being used for a chocolate biscuit snack (I really actually recommend clicking that link) by Bandai, makers of all manner of character-related merchandise. One side is a simple wheat biscuit and the other is a very pleasant, rich milk chocolate carefully crafted into the shape of a Moai head. If you’re familiar with Alfort, think a slightly bigger, Moai-themed single serving of that. Delicious and weirdly cute!

Purchased from: Yaks (the drug store)
Available at: selected drug stores, selected supermarkets
Status: seasonal (?) (summer), recurring
Price: 52 yen


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