Cacao Marché Chocolate Sand Cookie 

Cacao Marché is one of those brands that has been available for awhile in the chocolate gift box section of department stores, offering up beautiful little chocolates for a not too high price. However, a recent collaboration with the ubiquitous Family Mart convenience stores has made it a lot more visible and I am very glad of it.

The sand cookies are basically cream-filled cookies – when they say sand, think a sandwich-looking cookie like an Oreo rather than the stuff of beaches – but they’re delicious. The biscuits are pleasantly firm and nice enough, but it’s the filling that makes them, rich, smooth and just melt-in-your-mouth. I have a personal preference for the bitter chocolate ones but the others are also delightful!

Bought at: FamilyMart convenience store
Available at: larger FamilyMart/Circle K/Sunkus convenience stores, the gift section of selected department stores
Cost: 197 yen for one cookie
Status: Currently available but unclear for how long


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