Glico Bitte – Ivory Chocolate

If you are familiar with Arnott’s Tim Tams in Australia (and if you’re not, you should be), you could be forgiven for thinking that Glico‘s Bitte cookies look just like them. There are a couple of noticeable differences, though. The size and the packaging are two ways they differ, but the most significant is the taste. Bitte are much less sweet, and are marketed accordingly, focusing on “adult” tastes and how perfect a match they are for your (presumably bitter) coffee.

I quite like regular chocolate Bitte (though not as much as the aforementioned Tim Tams), but these Ivory Chocolate ones are particularly delicious. The white chocolate coating from which I imagine the name is derived is more creamy than sweet and infused with some sort of almond flavouring that tastes more of caramel than nuts. Inside, a buttery biscuit and a creamy paste add very nicely and the overall flavour is very enjoyable.

You can enjoy these with your coffee if you want, as Glico repeatedly recommend, or you could just scoff the lot quietly while nobody is watching. Hey, your 1 and a half year old son wanted the box anyway. Go for it!

(It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? There’s no particular reason I haven’t been here. I suppose I’ve just been focusing on other things. I’ll make an effort to update this blog a bit more often!)


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