Lotte Ghana Chocolat Chou

Choux cream, profiteroles, cream puffs – whatever you call them, they are very popular here in Japan. Lotte has gotten in on the whole thing with a new Chocolate for their Ghana range, the Chocolat Chou (I don’t know why the chocolate makers here keep dropping the e on chocolate – is it how you write “chocolate” in another European language? – but they do). The key thing to note if you try these is that only “chou” gets mentioned, not the cream, and that’s because they channel only the pastry side, not the cream filling. I bit into these little balls expecting to find them cream-filled, but instead just got a bland sort of crunch beneath the chocolate layer. It was a bit of a letdown, I have to be honest, but they were ok and probably quite enjoyable if you don’t like your chocolate too sweet.


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