Morinaga Dars x Pino

This summer, Morinaga has released a new variety of Dars and this time, it’s a collaboration with their own Pino ice cream range. Pino are a pack of six little lumps of vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate. The flavouring is pretty normal, but they do come in a cute little tray with a toothpick, like those you might find in a bento, to stab the ice creams with to pull them out, and the shape seems to work especially well with the whole flavour/texture arrangement. Returning to the Dars chocolate at hand, I have to say that they have similarly pulled off an excellent combination of flavours that somehow manage to evoke the arrangement of an actual Pino ice cream. I don’t know how else to describe it – they’ve achieved their goal of taking a Pino ice cream pack and transforming it into a chocolate bar perfectly. I’m definitely going to be enjoying these while they last!


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