Tirol Shari 2 Mikan

Despite mikan (mandarin, clementine) typically being regarded as a winter fruit, Tirol‘s Shari 2 Mikan flavour was released on June 6th and has been seen in various stores ever since. From the same series and in a similar style to their Papaya Lemon flavour, these taste so sweet and fruity that they are more like a candy than a chocolate. Mikan-infused white chocolate covers a mikan jelly interior, and the idea of being refreshing is played upon strongly with Tirol recommending that you leave them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before eating them. I confess, I couldn’t wait that long for my first taste and didn’t honestly notice a huge difference between the room temperature chocolate and the one that I bothered to chill, but that may be just me. Either way, they’re a fun and very sweet treat to enjoy!


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