Fujiya Country Ma’am Hokkaido Milk Soft Ice Cream Cookies

How is that for a lengthy name! Given what a mouthful it is, it’s fortunate that these cookies are also very enjoyable – a good mouthful, if you will because I like word play and you can’t stop me. While I don’t mind the basic Countryy Ma’am chocolate chip cookies from Fujiya, I usually find them a bit doughy and a bit short on the ideal amount of chocolate. Somehow, though, the texture really suits this flavour and the white chocolate chips just enhance it. I confess, I couldn’t stop eating them, so add more-ish to the list of good (or maybe bad) things about them! I’m assuming the milk/ice cream flavour is derived from Hokkaido dairy products, one of the things the northmost island of Japan is famous for, and hence Hokkaido being used as a selling point, though that’s one of those ingredient things that could be quite hard to confirm. Anyway, it’s great if they really are and, all in all, it’s a nice summer range.


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