Shoei Delicy Money Crunch Chocolate

Shoei Delicy are one of the not-terribly-famous chocolate makers of Japan that nonetheless, a quick skim of their ranges reveals, tend to do OK for themselves. The Money (お金, okane) Crunch Chocolate is available in a lot of supermarkets, typically in the section with small cheap snacks targeting children, and it’s quite tasty, rich milk chocolate with rice crisps and a stronger cocoa flavour than you might expect. The serving size is a decent small size that you can feel a bit better about consuming if you happen to harbour a chocolate addiction (see this whole blog, for example) and they only cost 50 yen (plus tax). The main draw, though, is the “Kodomo Ginko” (children’s bank) toy money that comes inside. Each packet of chocolate contains one toy note of Japanese currency. The cards you can get are wide-ranging, with cards featuring notes commonly used today (e.g. 1000 yen, 10000 yen) as well as more obscure ones (e.g. 2000 yen) and old style bank notes that are no longer used (e.g. the 500 yen note, replaced by the 500 yen coin back in 1982). Whether you’re looking for a very cheap souvenir or a small chocolate treat, these could definitely be worth considering!


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