Tirol Sakura Ciliegio

Tirol often has varieties of their chocolates that are exclusive to Daiso, the now-international chain of 100 yen shops (i.e. bargain shops, dollar shops). One of those varieties was the Sakura Ciliegio pack, sakura being the Japanese word for cherry blossoms and ciliegio being the Italian translation. Each packet contains seven chocolates, a mix of sakura mochi and sakura pannacotta, and all of which are infused with a musky cherry flavour reminiscent of cherry blossom season.

While it was highly likely released for the spring and will be increasingly difficult to get now, I notice on their website that there is a pretty box with the same flavours on display that might be available elsewhere too. Either way, it’s a surprisingly cheap yet very Japanese treat to look out for and give a try!


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