Fujiya Look A La Mode Chocolate

If you find yourself easing your way slowly into Japanese chocolate consumption – as, for example, I did way back when I first got here – then I highly recommend Fujiya‘s Look range for when you’re just edging out of the more obvious range of “safe” flavours. There tend to be seasonal varieties at any given time of year in the convenience stores, the chocolate itself is lovely, and there is more than one flavour in any given box; if one fails you, whatever is left can at least serve as some sort of consolation. The A La Mode box is probably the most famous variety, available all year round and at nearly every supermarket and convenience stores. It’s also one of my go-to chocolate bars, when I want chocolate but I’m not so keen on trying something new. Four flavours are included – banana, almond, strawberry and caramel. I used to be a bit wary of the banana, but I now love it, while the caramel, usually one of my favorite chocolate flavours, is a little dull by comparison though still nice enough. Strawberry and almond are about what you would expect, and it overall packs a pretty delicious punch for what it is!


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