Nestle Mint Kitkat

Summer is coming. Technically, by the calendar and my Western understanding of things, it starts tomorrow. In Japan, however, we still have the rainy season to get through before summer really kicks into full gear. However, that hasn’t stopped everyone from pouncing on the summer flavours early and thus mint has crept into the shops.

It’s only in recent years that mint chocolate has become popular as a flavour in the hotter months, intended to help consumers feel cooler. As a result, the mint flavours tend to be fairly mild and Nestle‘s latest Kitkat is no exception. Another of their “adult” flavours, the Kitkat itself is made of dark chocolate with a very faint mint chips embedded within. I personally like my mint chocolate to be a good bit mintier, but they’re quite good as a little not-too-sweet-but-still-sweet snack.


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