Bourbon Strawberry Alfort


Image from atpress

I gave my husband handmade chocolates for Valentine’s Day but, because I’m not the world’s most confident cook, I ensured I had a back-up plan. That back-up plan was these, a large box of special strawberry chocolate Alfort… and yes, I gave him these as well. Bourbon‘s Alfort are a range of cookies covered on one side with a delicious cover of chocolate complete with a cute imprint of a ship, and these strawberry ones came in a special gift box. They were very nice, very sweet with a strong strawberry flavour. There were also standard milk chocolate Alfort in the box as well as “rich milk” (think a lighter, milkier version of standard milk chocolate) ones. I had never seen this box before and I don’t really know where you can get them on a regular basis, but I do recommend them if you get the chance!


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