Valentine’s Day 2016

Here’s a post on Valentine’s Day chocolate in Japan from my main blog. It’s quite the big deal here. If you’re the gender making the chocolate, there’s a bit of work involved and you’re the one receiving it… well, there’s bragging rights.

Lyssa M

003 “ARGH I didn’t get a photo of them.” “Well, I’ve only eaten one so far.”

Valentine’s Day in Japan is… well, a bit different. Here, women are expected to give the men in their lives chocolates. For the men we’re not especially close to – coworkers, friends, classmates – there is cheaper giri-choco, known as obligation chocolate. For those we’re especially close to – romantic partners, brothers, fathers, close friends –  more elaborate preparations are needed, for these chocolates should be expensive, homemade, or both.

Recently, in a nice twist, girls and women have been giving their female friends chocolates as well.

Men aren’t required to reciprocate on Valentine’s Day. Instead, there is another event in one month, on March 14th, called White Day. That is when men are supposed to return a gift worth three times the value of whatever the woman gave him. Since White Day doesn’t exactly receive the…

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