Sweet Potato Kit Kat


Image from Mental Floss

Japan is known for its weirdly flavoured Kit Kats, so much so that writing about one of them feels like it has been well and truly overdone. Still, here we are. I saw these, thought about trying to sell them on eBay as a kind of experiment to see if I could make any money from it, left them on the table in my room… and my husband found them, opened them, and consumed eleven of the thirteen of them. Oh well. That left two for me, one to try and one to eat later. I can’t say I’m exactly recommending them, because to me they were just plain weird. I like sweet potato and I like Kit Kats, but not really together and the sweet potato flavour on these things is strong. However, as I said, my husband wolfed the things down so I guess they do appeal to some people and are worth a try!


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