Bon O Bon Mix


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Yaokin‘s Bon O Bons are probably my favourite winter chocolate. They’re smallish and cheap, delicious, and available at nearly all convenience stores during the colder months. The Creamy Cream and Choco Cream varieties have been appearing for the last few years and, this year, a new “Mix” variety has been introduced. It is the same style as the other two bon bons, a thin chocolate shell coating a round wafer with cream in the middle. The Mix ones, however, contain two types of cream – chocolate cream, and plain cream with cookie pieces (and the pretty wrapper is apparently especially targetted at women?!). While I still have a slight preference for the other two, this is still a delicious addition to the range… and I now have an excuse to buy three Bon O Bons at once!


2 thoughts on “Bon O Bon Mix

    • Hi Jacklyn – I’m not in Kyoto or Osaka so I can’t say for sure, but I imagine they are in some. It’s March now as well, and Bon O Bons tend to disappear from convenience stores after winter. However! Up here (Chiba, near Tokyo) I can still find them at Family Mart and Ministop, and I’ve also seen packs of four in a couple of Daisos 🙂


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