Dars Milk Chocolate and Dars Day

Own image

As I mentioned in my previous post on a variety of Morinaga’s Dars, it is just damn nice chocolate. It’s sweet and creamy, and an excellent choice to start out with in regards to Japanese chocolate.

Morinaga has decreed that December 12th is Dars Day, in honour of a Dars chocolate boutique that will be open in Shibuya until March 29th 2016. There will be 12 new, delicious-looking varieties of Dars that will be exclusively available there as well as several Dars cakes, and it looks well worth checking out.

In honour of Dars Day, you can find little Dars chocolate-shaped clips (pictured left) at Circle K Sunkus convenience stores, as pictured above. Available until December 14th, these are free with purchases of Dars chocolates and they come in three colours to represent the three core Dars types – milk chocolate, bitter, and white. Be warned, though – the milk chocolate clips are disappearing fast!


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