Snacks in Japan – Meiji Galbo Ball

Lyssa M

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I like snacks. No, really, I like snacks a lot. In these posts, I’ll post some of the interesting snacks of the moment that I’ve found hereabouts. Because it’s me that’s doing the eating, I admit we’ll probably err more on the side of sweet things, especially chocolates, and after much pondering, I’ve decided I’ll only post things that I’ve actually enjoyed.

Snack: Meiji Galbo Ball/s
Purchased: October 24th 2015
Found at: Family Mart, but also spotted at a couple of other convenience stores
Price: ~ 198 yen

So, Meiji’s Galbo Ball(s). Meiji is a big chocolate company here and Galbo is one of their product ranges. The characteristic of the Galbo chocolates is that they have a crunchy, almost biscuit-interior with a good, strong chocolate flavour surrounded by a layer of chocolate coating.

It has been something of a success for them and, if you want…

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